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5 Cool New Ways to Make Tuna Casserole Special

Tuna casserole is a quick, easy and inexpensive meal that will satisfy a crowd. But some families make it so often that the meal gets boring after a while. The trick is to make simple changes in the ingredients, that will have a dramatic impact on the taste of the meal. The casserole will cook up the same, but your family will never know you used the same recipe.

My favourite tuna casserole recipe is very versatile, but it’s so quick and easy to throw together. Most of the ingredients are non-perishable foods that you can keep in your pantry for months, and just pull the casserole together when you need a quick meal. Check out the recipe, and try some of the awesome variations below.

5 New Dishes from One Tuna Casserole Recipe

Asparagus and Egg Casserole: Use cream of asparagus soup, and substitute 1 cup of thinly sliced asparagus instead of broccoli. Use your bread crumbs to create a savoury version of a “crumb crust” and put this into the bottom of your baking dish. Add a little of the cheese, then the noodle mixture, and top with the rest of the cheese. While the casserole is cooking, grill a few asparagus spears and poach one egg per person. Serve the casserole with an egg and a couple spears of asparagus on top.

Creamy Chicken Casserole: Substitute cream of chicken soup for the cream of celery, and make the casserole with broad egg noodles. Use flakes of chicken, or leftover diced chicken instead of the tuna. Add diced carrots and potatoes, and green peas, instead of the broccoli.

Ham and Cheese Casserole: Use flakes of ham, or leftover diced ham, with a cream of mushroom soup. Use half cheddar and half Swiss cheese, and add 1/2 cup of shredded greens or spinach to the casserole.

Mozza-burger Casserole with Mushrooms: Make the casserole with about a pound of sauteed ground beef instead of canned meat, and use cream of mushroom soup. Swap out the broccoli for some freshly sliced mushrooms and diced bell pepper, and use mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar.

Vegetarian Pasta Casserole: Omit the tuna from your recipe, and use a vegetable-based soup to make the sauce. This is safe for vegetarians who eat cheese and other dairy foods. Any vegetables can be used, so get creative! This dish is similar to a lasagna in some ways, so remember even leafy greens like spinach or kale can find their place in a casserole.

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Which is your favourite fish-free way to use your tuna casserole recipe?
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14 thoughts on “5 Cool New Ways to Make Tuna Casserole Special”

  1. I love playing around casseroles. Anything you make in a sandwich can be easily switched to a casserole.

    1. I want to play with a tuna melt version of this – something with lots of cheese and fresh tomato. But I’m not sure what else yet….

      1. Try your tuna melt idea as a savory bread pudding. Bet that would be oh so yummy.
        Like the asparagus casserole since I grow my own asparagus.

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