Reduce Food Waste by Repurposing Your Orange Peels – 24 Carrot Diet

Orange peels aren’t garbage! Cook with orange zest or make a batch of candied orange peel, make an orange exfoliating scrub, or turn a juiced orange peel into an orange bird feeder. Turn food waste into free food and so much more! | 24 Carrot Diet

Don’t throw those orange peels in the garbage! Why add to food waste when there are so many cool ways to repurpose this free ingredient? From cooking with orange zest and orange peels, to making beauty products and simmer pots, to making an emergency oil lamp or an orange bird feeder, there are literally dozens of cool upcycling ideas that will help you keep those orange peels out of the compost pile. | Kyla Matton Osborne (#RubyWriter) | 24 Carrot Diet |

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