Quitting the gym

Reblog: Quitters Can Be Winners

Quitting. Opting out. Going rogue. Do these expressions signal failure in your mind? If so, I hope you’ll hop on over to The Return of the Modern Philosopher to check out Austin’s post about quitting the gym.

Following the trend or doing what’s expected is not always the right thing for you. And when it’s not, quitting can actually be healthier than trying to stick with it.

But if you’ve heard all your life that quitters never win, and you’ve been made to feel guilty when you choose to opt out of an activity after starting it, you may be wasting time and money. Austin shares how he’d been paying for a gym membership he wasn’t using, and why he finally decided to quit.

Remember that life isn’t one size fits all. Not everyone is made for the gym, or spin class, or hot yoga. Some of us prefer to get our exercise by taking long walks and working in the garden. And as long as we’re staying fit, that’s OK! Do what works for you, and feel good about it. Don’t let anyone – not even yourself – guilt you into sticking with a diet or exercise plan that isn’t working for you. Be an individual, and be comfortable with doing things your own way.

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When Quitting Equates to Winning

Quitting something that's not right for you can be liberatingI went to the gym for the first time in over a year and a half today, Modern Philosophers.I didn’t realize it had been that long, but my last day at the facility was listed right there on the form they gave me when I canceled my membership.

That’s right.  When I finally go to the gym for the first time in an eternity, it’s not to work out, but rather, to put an end to a relationship that simply was not working.

And I feel like a winner!

Sure, usually when you give up on a gym membership, you are admitting defeat.  After all, quitters never win.

At least that was the lie I’ve been told.

But I am here to tell you that quitters do win.  I was wasting money on that gym membership, always keeping it in place because I was certain I’d go back and…

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