Quebec-Style Spaghetti Sauce Recipe – 24 Carrot Diet

Quebec-style spaghetti sauce is thick and meaty with a mellow taste. Serve with pasta or use it as a starter for another recipe.

The secret ingredient in this thick, meaty spaghetti sauce recipe makes the flavour rich and sweet with no added sugar
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Quebec-style spaghetti sauce is a thick, meaty sauce similar in some ways to traditional Bolognese sauce. This recipe is dairy-free and includes more vegetables that the usual Bolognese, however. Our spaghetti sauce recipe is a great starter for many comfort foods including lasagna, homemade pizza pockets, and sloppy Joes. Serve it with a sturdy noodle that will stand up to its weight. | Kyla Matton Osborne (Ruby3881) | 24 Carrot Diet |

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