New Series: Good Food on a Budget

Cooking healthy meals for your family can be a real challenge sometimes. Food is expensive, especially fresh ingredients like vegetables and quality cuts of meat. And sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to cook. Plus, some recipes make either more or less food than you need – or they call for you to use appliances or ingredients you don’t have in your kitchen.

I thought it would be fun to share some meal ideas that can be prepared at low cost, and with little to no time for food preparation and cooking. We’re talking good, wholesome food – but meals that anybody can prepare regardless of what they have to work with in their kitchen.

Make a small batch for a family of four, or cook up a huge mess for a big family. Cook these meals up in your dorm or apartment kitchen. Make them up for a new mom or elderly family member. However you choose to prepare them, they aren’t going to set you back too much money. And you’ll be able to prepare these meals in relatively little time.

Fast, Easy, Economical Meals

Most of the simple, inexpensive recipes my family enjoys are one-dish meals that take very little preparation. Most use ingredients we always have on hand, and some can even be made with leftovers from previous meals. My favourites include:

  • French pea soup
  • Hamburger soup
  • Stovetop beef and rice casserole
  • Cheesy tuna casserole
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Quick beef stroganoff
  • Big batch spaghetti sauce
  • Pork stir-fry with black bean sauce
  • Chicken with fried noodles and vegetables
  • Italian sausage with bell peppers
  • Dublin coddle
  • Jambalaya

This is just a sampling of the quick, easy, economical meals you can make with limited resources – and also with very basic cooking skills. You really don’t have to be a chef to make good food!

Watch for the first recipe here soon!


Featured Image Credit: Food budget by Steve Buissinne (aka stevepb,) courtesy of Pixabay; CC0

Header Image Credit: Veggie flower by Romi, courtesy of Pixabay; CC0

4 thoughts on “New Series: Good Food on a Budget”

  1. My healthy go to meals who be turkey tacos. As there are so many things my boyfriend and I can’t have in our diets. It get nerve wrecking trying to figure which meal work or what needs to be changed out of it.

    1. It’s tough when you have to work around food restrictions. I’m glad you have at least one go to meal that doesn’t take much thought or effort 🙂

  2. My inexpensive and quick meals are often salads. I use what’s in season and add tuna, eggs, or chicken for a complete meal.

    1. I love to do that too, @barbrad. One of my favourite salads is made with leftovers from tacos. I also love to do rice and pasta salads with whatever veggies are on hand. But most of my sort of throw together meals are cooked: soups, casseroles, and sometimes stir fries.

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