Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 05

Black and White Photo Challenge, Day 3: In the Night Garden

Do you remember In the Night Garden…? It was a TV series created by the same team who brought us the Teletubbies. There were 100 episodes in all, and it was aired here in Canada on Treehouse TV. It was a very positive and calming show which was aimed at helping small children to feel safe and settled before bedtime. My son used to love watching it in the evening, and even I loved the ending where everybody was tucked in and told to go to sleep.

My garden is very much in slumber right now, so I though nighttime photos would be quite appropriate.

Photos for Day Three of the Challenge

Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 03, Image 01

Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 03, Image 02

My Nomination for Today

Today I would like to nominate Lorelei Cohen, who has a number of very cool blogs. I was tempted to send you to one of her several food-related blogs, but I think I will link to The Gift Ideas List Site because it is almost Christmas and she’s got some fabulous gift ideas for you!

Not sure how the Black & White Photo Challenge works? You can read about it and find the rules in my Day One post. If nominated, please consider it just an invitation. It’s not meant to feel like an obligation. If you’d like to be nominated, leave me a comment with your blog address. I’ll be happy to mention you in a future post!

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Black & White Photo Challenge | I’m taking part in this fun blog challenge over the next week. If you have a camera or a camera phone and you like taking pictures, you’re sure to have fun trying it too! | 24 Carrot Diet
Black & White Photo Challenge – Day 03
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2 thoughts on “Black and White Photo Challenge, Day 3: In the Night Garden”

    1. Thanks Martha! I wasn’t sure how these two would be received. But I did like how the one photo was framed by the door. The basket hangs just outside the patio door. We had filled it with herbs, most of which have died back for the winter. But the one little calendula plant my daughter brought home from the greenhouse has bloomed all summer and well into fall. I thought that last flower made an interesting subject, given how desolate the rest of the garden is.

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