Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 05

Black and White Photo Challenge: Daisybush and Iris Show Off their Finery

Welcome to day 6 of the Black and White Photo Challenge! Today I want to share a few pretty ladies with you. Daisybush is an aster, one of those flowers often drawn in caricature as a girl’s face surrounded by petals. She is related to calendula, a lovely healing plant that boasts some of the prettiest orange, yellow, and cream blossoms. We had a calendula in our hanging basket of herbs this summer, and I was amazed at how long it bloomed – right into November!

Iris is one of my all-time favourite flowers. I remember my mother’s flower beds being full of these lovely purple blooms in springtime, and being fascinated by their beard. The purple hues of iris are very calming – despite the flower itself being a little risquée in the way she shows off, leaving little to the imagination. Both Monet and Van Gogh were inspired to paint irises. Are you familiar with their paintings?

Photos for Today

Black & White Photo Challenge, Day 06 Image 01


Black & White Photo Challenge, Day 06 Image 02


Black & White Photo Challenge, Day 06 Image 03


Black & White Photo Challenge, Day 06 Image 04

Today’s Nominee

Today I want to nominate Janice Wald, who blogs at Mostly Blogging. Janice and I have had some informative conversations about blog graphics and different graphic editing sites and apps. She recently blogged about odd instances where she needed a photo for her blog. In the one case, she wanted to get a pic of a robot and ended up asking the robotics teacher at the school where she teaches. That must have been a fun discussion! I hope you’ll drop by and check out Janice’s blog, as she has a great deal of helpful advice for old and new bloggers.

The Black and White Photo Challenge is seven days long. Post black and white images each day – no people, no animals, and no words. Each day, nominate someone else to join the challenge. It’s that simple, so have fun with it!

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Black & White Photo Challenge | I’m taking part in this fun blog challenge over the next week. If you have a camera or a camera phone and you like taking pictures, you’re sure to have fun trying it too! | 24 Carrot Diet
Black & White Photo Challenge – Day 06
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4 thoughts on “Black and White Photo Challenge: Daisybush and Iris Show Off their Finery”

  1. These photos are lovely! Still look stunning in black and white though it did make me wonder what colour they were!

    1. I love to photograph irises, Martha. They are just a very alluring subject. All those curves and swells, and the differing textures…

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