Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 05

Welcome to the Black and White Photo Challenge, Day 5: Shiny Boots Edition

This is our eighth year as a cadet family. We have now been involved with three different corps or squadrons in two provinces of Canada, and representing two of the three different elements (land, sea, and air.) Our two younger daughters are currently serving in the local air cadet squadron.

Our oldest was an army cadet for seven years, until she aged out of the program. As a cadet, she learned survival skills, took on various community service and leadership roles, and learned to play a musical instrument. She also logged more than 22,000 kilometres of travel, and trained or served in six of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories.

The cadet program has given her the opportunity to visit her country from coast to coast and to march in parades that were attended by more than half a million people. She been able to try everything from kayaking, horseback riding and ice climbing, to marksmanship and Highland dance, to speaking before a group of veterans, high-ranking military officers, and civilian dignitaries. All at no cost. In fact, as a staff cadet, she was able to earn money that has helped her to pay for her college tuition.

Today’s edition of the Black and White Photo Challenge features images from cadet life, which is hard to do considering I can’t show you any people! It’s called the shiny boots edition because polishing boots and maintaining the uniform is a pretty big part of being a cadet. It teaches young people discipline and pride in being part of something bigger than themselves. And they even compete to see who can get their boots the shiniest!

Photos for Day 5

 Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 05, Image 01

Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 05, Image 02

Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 05, Image 03

Nomination and How the Challenge Works

Today I would like to nominate my friend Brenda Fluharty, aka Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie. She blogs at Writing Through the Soul, among other places. Please hop on by to check out her blog and say hello!

The Black and White Photo Challenge is a 7-day event. Each day, post black and white photos on your blog (or on FB, Instagram, or wherever you like.) No people in your photos, and no animals or words. Each day, nominate one other person to join the challenge. But please, be sure people know it’s just an invitation and not an obligation. It’s supposed to be fun!

If you are or know of a young person who might benefit from the cadet program, please take a few minutes to learn about cadets and to find a corps or squadron near you. Cadets enjoy fun and challenging activities, and they make friends who will still be in their lives decades into the future.

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Black & White Photo Challenge – Day 05
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