Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 05

Black and White Photo Challenge, Day 4: An Autumn Tryst in the Skimmerhorns

Welcome to day 4 of the Black and White Photo Challenge. Today’s edition is named after Autumn Tryst, a wine made by Skimmerhorn Winery, right here in our little valley. Our town is tucked between two sub-ranges of BC’s Columbia Mountains: the Selkirks and the Purcells – which are sometimes mistakenly called the Skimmerhorns. As today’s photos are all taken facing the mountains, I decided to name this post in their honour.

Photos for Day 4

Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 04, Image 01

Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 04, Image 02

Black & White Photo Challenge - Day 04, Image 02

Nomination and Rules for the Challenge

Today’s nominee is Sam Monaco, who loves to write about food and share recipes as much as I do. Sam blogs at Sam’s place. Please drop by for a visit!

Once again, here are the rules of the Black & White Photo Challenge:

  1. Share black and white photos daily for 7 days;

  2. There must be no animals or people in the photos;

  3. No captions, explanations, or other words to accompany the images;

  4. Nominate one person to participate each day of the challenge.

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Black & White Photo Challenge | Today's photos were taken in the Columbia Mountains of BC. We live in a small rural town nestled between two sub-ranges of the Columbias. Even after 5 years here, I still find them awe-inspiring. | 24 Carrot Diet
Black & White Photo Challenge – Day 04
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6 thoughts on “Black and White Photo Challenge, Day 4: An Autumn Tryst in the Skimmerhorns”

    1. Aw, thanks Martha! Sometimes the clouds completely cover the mountains on both sides of us. It’s pretty, but a little claustrophobic at times too.

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Brenda! It’s so nice to see you around again. I hope you’ll be posting regularly now. I’m looking forward to reading all your news 🙂

  1. I was asked to do this but working 2 jobs I just could not make the time, but I love the idea and I have so many photos.

    1. I thought you might enjoy it, Andria. But I know how busy you are. You always have so much on the go at home, in addition to your work outside. Nice to see you around again. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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